Best air compressor for painting cars: top 6, sprayer, DIY work, nail gun, pneumatic tools

Best air compressor for painting cars

How to pick the best air compressor for painting cars while there are countless numbers of products in the market? With too many ideas out there which means choosing the right one is always be confusing.

Sometimes you find a product and you think that is the perfect one, but once you read some reviews and find out that’s all negative, you will not purchase it.

That’s why we are writing this article to help you find the best air compressor for painting cars and make the right choice for your requirements. We have listed the best air compressors in the market for painting cars.

What is the best air compressor for painting cars?

Industrial Air IL1682066Size : 20 Gallon
90 PSI @ 5.3 CFM
Max Pressure: 135 PSI
Campbell Hausfeld VT6271Size : 30 Gallon
90 PSI @ 10.2 CFM
Max Pressure: 135 PSI
Industrial Air ILA3606056 Size : 60 Gallon
90 PSI @ 11.5 CFM
Max Pressure: 155 PSI
Powermate Vx PLA4708065 Size : 80 Gallon
14 CFM @ 90 PSI
Max Pressure: 155 PSI
California Air Tools 10020C Size : 10 Gallon
6.40 CFM @ 40 PSI
5.30 CFM @ 90 PSI

Max Pressure: 125 PSI
Industrial Air ILA188354 Size : 30 Gallon
5.7; CFM @ 90 PSI
Max Pressure: 155 PSI

1 – Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon

best air compressor for auto body work
  • Product specifications
Horse Power
1 HP
40 PSI @ 6.2 CFM
Capacity20 Gallon
Max pressure135 PSI
Oil RequiredYes
Power sourceElectric: 120/240 volts
Warranty2-Year limited


  • • Reliable power and lifelong performance
  • • Easy operation and easy to assemble and use
  • • Maximum portability
  • •Quick-connect air outlet and easy on/off switch
  • • Long warranty time


  • • Only compatible with small-volume spray gun
  • • A little bit pricey

This air compressor is doing great in the marketplace because it’s a 20-gallon ASME in a vertical portable tank with its airy tires that will provide users with easy moves. It is provided with a quick-set regulator, a movable tank, quick connect air outlet and on/off switch and the working pressure measurement.

Thanks to the heavy-duty dual voltage of the electric motor also helps push the high pump performance.

Reliable Power and Performance

Most of Industrial Air products always satisfy their users with the cast iron, twin cylinder pump featuring an aluminium head & valve plate which guarantees the faster heat dissipation.

Easy Operation

It also guarantees a trouble-free process during painting the car. The on-board controls help you with easy access to quick-set regulator, tank and tool pressure gauges, quick connect air outlet and on/off switch. The unit of this air compressor is also shipped with the synthetic oil.

Maximum Portability

The unit of this air compressor is also shipped with the synthetic oil. And, the pneumatic wheels have a small footprint to allow excellent movement.

Industrial Air IL1682066 is a product of value for those who use small-volume spray guns because the only disadvantage of this product is the ability to deliver 6.2 CFM of air volume at 40 PSI makes it the reason to be only compatible with low-pressure spray guns. Both capacity and overall performance are great compared to the other relevant products on the market.

2 – Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

  • Product specifications
Horse Power
3.7 HP
CFM/PSI90 PSI @ 10.2 CFM
Capacity30 Gallon
Max pressure135 PSI
Oil RequiredYes
Power sourceElectric: 240 volts
Warranty1-Year limited


  • • Has longer life and durability
  • • Reliable power
  • • Provides stronger output
  • • Superior pump crankshaft along with V-Belt drive
  • • Has user-friendly design
  • • Suitable for almost projects
  • • Designed for a quiet operation


  • • Should be covered with a Teflon tape or a pipe dope on its threads

An air compressor with a 30-gallon tank helps users to work with tools much longer without waiting.

VT6271 air compressor is supposed to provide the run power of air tools for the DIY workers, professionals, and contractors.

Also helps with producing a 10.2 CFM at about 90 PSI to extend enough power that needed to change a tire or even hang the drywall so, you can have the best performance in a short time.

This product with a 30-gallon ASME tank, handle and wheels making it perfect for storage in a small shop or garage.

You can begin your projects immediately with this Perfect model with 135 maximum PSI and 30-gallon tank capacity Designed to provide up 5,000 hours of product life to accomplish the work with high confidence.

Overall, this product is perfect for storage in a small place and able to tackle the paint spraying, sanding, grinding, stapling, inflation, nailing, framing, bolting, tightening and impacting wrench.

Therefore, if you are fine with that bit of noise at 87 dBA, don’t wait to purchase the Campbell Hausfeld VT6271. This one can be the best air compressor for painting cars for you and a perfect choice for the price.

3 – Industrial Air ILA3606056 60-Gallon

  • Product specifications
Horse Power
3.7 HP
CFM/PSI90 PSI @ 11.5 CFM
40 PSI @ 13.4 CFM
Capacity60 Gallon
Max pressure155 PSI
Oil RequiredYes
Power sourceElectric: 208/ 240 volts
Warranty2-Year limited


  • • Ideal for home shops
  • • Easy to initially set up
  • • Has a first tank of oil
  • • Has optimum performance and long life
  • • Fairly quiet
  • • Quick to pump to the maximum PSI


  • • The on/off switch doesn’t always work properly
  • • The auto shut-off doesn’t always work at times

This industrial air product gives users a variety of heavy-duty tools quite match professional mechanics, workshops, garages and tool rooms.

Especially, it’s a powerful, affordable 60-gallon air compressor. with a big tank capacity helps you work continuously without any interruptions. thanks to the effective induction electric engine, this air compressor can power the most critical tools for a long time as well.

Moreover, it supports 208V or 240V with no need to make changes to the wires, thanks to the spread voltage motor.

Also, the oil lube pump runs perfectly quietly, that’s what makes this air compressor ideal for the home workshop

An air compressor with a large capacity for painting a car that’s what makes it the best air compressor for painting cars in the capacity. It produces 11.5 CFM of air volume at 90 PSI pressure, and at 40 PSI the number rises into 13.4 CFM. This allows you to work with standard spray guns at a faster speed.

We also have some shortcomings for this product we need to mention.

The on/off switch doesn’t work well, making problems sometimes. the same problem appears with the auto shut-off. also, it doesn’t contain an electrical cord.

You will get a two years warranty comes with the product, and several features as we have mentioned, Industrial Air ILA3606056 60-gallon air compressor is a perfect selection for you.

4- Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon

Best 80 gallon air compressor
  • Product specifications
Horse Power
4.7 HP
16.1 CFM @ 40 PSI
Capacity80 Gallon
Max pressure155 PSI
Oil RequiredYes
Power sourceElectric: 240 volts
Warranty2 year limited


  • • Has Swedish stainless-steel flex valves
  • • Has high-quality and strong construction
  • • Reliable power and better performance
  • • Has steel tank construction
  • • Long air tool run times
  • • Has an easy and quiet operation
  • • Added durability


  • • Fairly heavy
  • • Creates the drier air
  • • Has no power cord
  • • Has no pressure regulator

This electric air compressor is one of the best famous brands of stable and portable air compressors. in case you want to an air compressor for more professional work, it can fit your need with a massive 80-gallon capacity tank. If you want to use many different air tools extended-term, this is an ideal option for you. it’s suitable for home use and the small workshops and manufacturing areas.

The cast iron, three-cylinder pump featuring an aluminum head & valve plate provides the best cooling surface and helps guarantee faster heat dispersion. Also, 155-PSI max pressure provides the best tool performance.

As we mentioned at the product specifications, this compressor produces 14 CFM of air volume at 90 PSI and 16.1 CFM at 40 PSI, meaning it can keep enough airflow when painting your car. Also, it has a big tank size allows you to work with the painting process and other operations.

With a heavy-duty dual-voltage induction motor will be able to drive the higher pump performance supporting the trouble-free operation and easy on/off switch offers you better control of the perfect tank pressure gauge.

The product can also be shipped with its synthetic compressed oil to give you the optimal performance and longer lifetime.

It has a wired belt keeper to support you with effective cooling. it’s metal guard also provide cover and protect the moving parts.

Also the product has some shortcomings we need to mention, it doesn’t have a power cord and pressure regulator. it also creates drier air during the painting process, that’s all.

At the end, this product absolutely offers great features and quality.  if you are a man with multi-tasks, it will surely satisfy your needs and it can be the best portable air compressor for painting cars.

5- California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free

small air compressor for painting
  • Product specifications
Horse Power
2 HP
CFM/PSI6.40 CFM @ 40 PSI
5.30 CFM # 90 PSI
Capacity10 Gallon
Max pressure125 PSI
Oil RequiredNo
Power sourceCorded-Electric: 110 volts
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty


  • • Low maintenance
  • • Ultralight
  • • Coupler for quick connection
  • • Starts in any weather
  • • Excellent price


  • • High noise level relative to its size

A small air compressor for painting.

This air compressor is small and weighs only 26 pounds, it is compact easy to move.

You can’t find any compressor with this convertibility of this unit of California Air Tools.

It is only 18.1 x 17.2 x 18.5 inches it is small enough to fit anywhere you want.

In spite of the little size, this air compressor gives you a good CFM rate, that is enough for the little hand devices or airbrushing but for a short term because of limiting of the tank.

It is more than you think, this compressor gives you great performance for most home, car and different workshops. It will give you around an hour or greater according to the high obligation cycle in this product, somewhat amazing for a small compressor, Fuelled by a 2HP motor. if your tasks don’t need a big tank capacity you need to know How to Choose a Small Air Compressor.

You don’t need to have any support concern other than keeping the unit clean, the motor works without oil, so it will never have your attention other than cleaning.

We need to say that, this air compressor is louder than you expected. Its commotion levels are similar to bigger models. With 70dB is slightly louder than a noisy discussion. It can be used over a broad period in public areas without bothering anybody.

The product transfers an expected life cycle of three-thousand hours.

It comes with a year guarantee, which makes it an excellent choice.

6- Industrial Air ILA188354 ILA1883054 30-Gallon

  • Product specifications
Horse Power
2 HP
CFM/PSI7.0; CFM @ 40 PSI
5.7; CFM @ 90 PSI
Capacity30 Gallon
Max pressure155 PSI
Oil RequiredNo
Power sourceElectric-powered: 120 volts
Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty


  • • Retails with a 2-year warranty
  • • It’s UL- and CSA- certified
  • • Boasts a portable design that allows you to move it around
  • • Includes a dual voltage feature
  • • Powerful and efficient motor
  • • Comes with the Oil-free twin cylinder pump system


  • • Several buyers have reported the auto shut-off doesn’t work properly sometimes
  • • Electrical cord not included

The Industrial Air ILA1883054 is one of the best 30 gallons in the marketplace. This one fits with all needed supplies would meet your demands. The engine of this product can up to 155 psi of maximum pressure and 7 CFM at 40 psi & 5.7 CFM at 90 psi.

We have another advantage about the motor,  it’s 120-volt wire and you can convert it to 240-volt if you wish.

It has an oil-free system with a twin-cylinder that makes this air compressor very effective. and also designed with cast iron and the cylinder is fairly long-lasting. Air compressor with that an oil-free feature will be perfect to use the appliance in tasks that need clean air like a painting.

This is a 190 lbs air compressor but, you don’t need to worry about the weight with pre-attached pneumatic tires. that means you don’t need to worry about lifting 190 lbs air compressor.

Another feature we need to mention is the 30-gallons tank capacity will be enough for the big tasks and continuous applications, it will do the trick.

Finally, this air compressor is covered by a 2-year warranty. This means you can fix it for free if you noticed any faults within that time.

If you are looking for a 30-gallons air compressor we can say that is the best one in its capacity.


We think that we have covered the best air compressors that you would use for painting cars. Those are supposed to fit the DIY projects from the smallest one like tire pumping to painting a car.

Buying the best air compressor that satisfies your needs not always easy when you want to make the right purchase. We are trying to be more helpful in putting some tips on buying an air compressor.

  • Getting the compressor with an oil-free pump, you will find it provided with most of the higher-priced models automatically. But with cheaper brands, you need to search to see if it is included or not. Although they’re not required, they reduce the maintenance costs and the work you have to do in the long-term. It will not mix the oil into the compressed air which is something that the oiled pumps suffer from.
  • Try to buy an auxiliary air tank when you buy an air compressor, it will increase the air storage capacity means you can work on your car for a longer time. It also means improving the shelf life of the product. If you decided to buy a cheaper model with a small air tank capacity, buying one of these will improve the quality without costing a huge amount of money.
  • Look for an air compressor with multiple couplers, it will allow you to work with several tasks without connecting and disconnecting tools all the time. This will surely save your time which is a huge advantage.

If you are looking for:

  • The best air compressor for auto body work

You should to pick a large tank capacity air compressor to help you finish your work asap and keep your time.

  • Can you paint a car with a 30-gallon air compressor?

Yes, you can. most compressors with an air tank capacity 30 gallon or more usually do the job but you need to equal the CFM of the paint gun to the CFM of the air compressor.

To conclude, we would like to suggest the best one to pick is the Powermate Vx PLA4708065 due to its good reputation and in fact, this air compressor has the best reviews for painting cars. the gallon capacity and the extra features of the product exceed any negatives about it. In spite, it is on the higher-priced side it is a very good quality product.

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